Design, Engineering and Special Projects

  • Designed and manufactured the “Boat Launcher” A 5000# commercial traction drive system used to move boats out of small shallow marine to the lake.
  • Full engineering department working in ProE.
  • Research and Development an ongoing integral part of our business model.
  • Full manufacturing capabilities to facilitate R&D plus continuous improvement.
  • Products ready to launch include the Verticline; a truss system designed for cliffs and rugged terrain over 90 degrees. Also ready to go is the Dockside Tram, enabling marinas to be fully ADA by integrating elevator with fluctuating ramp and dock system.
  • Constantly taking on new, challenging applications as our aging population continues to grow.



Expert Installation

Once you have chosen all your customizable accessories, we’ll start building your one-of-a-kind hillside elevator to the exact specifications. When it’s complete, our certified and factory-trained experts will come to your property to install it. We use an engineered pin-pile installation method which, along with leaving a small footprint and minimal impact, creates unsurpassed strength in our structures.


At Your Service Whenever You Need Us

Don’t worry, we’re not an out-of-sight, out-of-mind company. We want to make sure you always feel safe and secure with your hillside tram system so we have full-time staff available to offer phone support, annual inspections and maintenance service if you need it. We’re just a phone
call away.