Residential Inclined Elevators, Lakeside Trams, Funiculars and Hillside Trolleys

You probably fell in love with your hillside home for its gorgeous views, but accessing the base or waterfront on your property poses a challenge. Trees, brush, rocks and unstable terrain may make it impossible to navigate the slope. An inclined elevator or hillside tram offers the perfect solution to retain the beauty while attaining full access!

Residential inclined elevator dealer serving the entire United States.

*Traditional Carriage Shown

Residential Inclined Elevator Models

Our inclined elevators are engineered with our proprietary pin pile design, creating a small footprint which makes minimal impact on your hillside. This opens up endless architectural and landscaping options in new-home construction or can be adapted to your existing architecture, adding tremendous value to your property.

While stairs offer a solution, they do not make hauling belongings or escorting children or physically challenged friends and relatives very efficient. Our inclined elevators are fully code compliant and designed with industrial components that deliver the strongest structure on the market today to safely, efficiently transport your precious cargo. We want you to feel safe and secure with your lakeside tram system, so our full-time staff is available throughout the sales, design and installation process, and after the sale. We’re just a phone call away.

After you’ve chosen your customized accessories, we’ll build your state-of-the-art hillside elevator to your specifications, and to our superior standards, right in our own facility. Our certified, factory-trained experts will install it on your property. Marine Innovations is proud to bring families together for the good times with our inclined elevators.

Call us today to learn more about these fully customizable options and accessories:

  • ADA compliance
  • Automatic cab doors
  • Carriage canopy with Sunbrella  fabric, aluminum, acrylic or custom materials
  • Carriage/cab lighting
  • Conduit for 110 volt power to lower landing
  • Custom carriage designs & colors
  • Docking stations for battery charging
  • Door interlocks
  • Double-cable drive systems
  • Landing gates
  • Marine rail
  • Safety gates
  • Self-leveling systems
  • Stainless steel rail and cable for saltwater
  • Stairway systems
  • Trolley covers
Residential inclined elevator and inclined lift manufacturer.

*Designer Carriage and Mid-Mount Power Unit Shown

Residential Incline Tram Models

An incline tram from Marine Innovations is the perfect solution for hillside lakes and cottages with a slope of less than 50 degrees, and with less extreme terrain. They are a budget-friendly option designed for use in non-compliant states, and their simple design makes for quick and easy installation. 

Our incline trams feature our 3hp motor, galvanized rail, galvanized steel structure, cable and patented cable brake. Our engineered pin pile installation makes for minimal hillside impact. We offer two models, including Drum Drive and Traction Drive based on specific system requirements.

Incline trams are a trustworthy, affordable solution to waterfront accessibility for hillside residents. We’ll build your state-of-the-art hillside tram to your custom specifications, and to our superior standards, right in our own facility. Then our certified, factory-trained pros will come to your property to install it. We’re proud to help clients realize the full potential of their hillside properties.

Bruce Gillies - Lake Almanor, CA

We wanted an easy way to access our dock. The painless purchase and installation of our Marine Innovations lift made it reality. Mike made the planning process easy. The installation crew was professional and efficient. The workmanship is excellent. Now our lake is only a short, smooth ride away.

Ed & Gail Barnett - Mahopac, NY

We invested in a Marine Innovations tram so we could stay in our home as we get older. We wanted to make it easy to access our lake. Our family and visitors love it! The view from the tram is great. It was the right thing to do!

Carol & Phil Ferris - Lake Almanor, CA

We love the convenience of our Marine Innovations tram. We enjoy the simplicity and ease of riding to the dock, no more carrying stuff up and down the hill. Our grandkids love it too. Mike and Lori were a joy to work with throughout the entire process.

M.D.W. - Knoxville, TN

Our dock was unusable, 200’ down a bank at a 30 degree angle. The Marine Innovations tram is a lifesaver. Easy and functional, it makes travel to the water, and the best part, back up to our house, a breeze. Nick was professional, delivering everything he promised on time. I give them my highest recommendation.

Deb & Craig - Lake Travis, TX

When we bought our lot, the cliff prevented us from accessing the water. The Marine Innovations tram is the key to enjoying our land and the lake. It’s safer than stairs and delivers a smooth, gliding ride from our main house to the guest house and the dock. For ease of access, it is the ultimate easy button.

Wyatt & Beverly Foster - Gainesville, GA

We love the tram! Having easy access to our boat dock will allow us to really live the lake life!
It will also allow us to host functions for veterans through Patriots for Disabled Divers.
Thank you, Marine Innovations, for helping to make this possible.

Steve Lesem - Austin, TX

We are extremely satisfied with our Marine Innovations tram. The tram does what it should do in the extraordinarily difficult conditions and high cliffs of Lake Travis. The quality construction provides complete confidence when taking our five grandchildren to the dock and back. Austin Dock & Tram has been tremendous; they are experts and stand by their product. We couldn’t be happier!

Lanny & Jill Schoeling - Lago Vista, TX

We love our Marine Innovations tram. With two young grandchildren, we needed a system that was safe and secure. The self-leveling system keeps the tram level over our changing terrain. Austin Dock and Tram was great to work with, they were flexible, helpful and honest.

Brett L. - Lake Tuscaloosa, AL

My wife and I were planning for our property on Lake Tuscaloosa. We knew with two young children, we wouldn’t want to trudge up and down the mountainous bank to the dock. We researched other brands, but Marine Innovations stood out.  With the system being all built in-house, they were clearly the superior product. Nick was quick to respond to my call and they stood by their installation date. Now we have an aesthetically pleasing tram that is far better than a walking path to the lake.

Zach Ward, AIA - Ward Scott Architecture - Lake Tuscaloosa, AL

My experience with Marine Innovations is defined by efficiency and affordability. I compared quotes from multiple companies and Marine Innovations was the best value. When others couldn’t schedule the installation for months/years, Marine Innovations went out of their way to get my tram installed within a couple of months. Once on-site, the team had the tram 90% complete with the first week. I recommend Marine Innovations to anyone looking for a seamless path to their dream tram.

If you’d like to know more about our company or talk with one of us, please give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you make the most of your property by adding a lakeside elevator or hillside tram.