About Us

About Hillside Trams from Marine Innovations

30 Years of Delivering Reliable, Innovative Access to Property

At Marine Innovations, we’re big on people. We’re family-owned and operated, so we appreciate how important your family is to you. That’s why we’ve spent the past 30 years bringing families together with our hillside lift products. Hillside trams, incline elevators, funiculars, whatever you call them, from that very first 1987 install, we’ve been challenging one hill after another, and we’ve yet to meet one we cannot conquer.

You will increase the value of your original investment when you add an incline elevator. Your entire property suddenly becomes accessible to everyone, including aging relatives, kids, those with handicaps, etc. It’s no longer an all-day process to get everyone from the house down to the lakeside, not to mention back up again. 

Over these past 3 decades, our dedication to superior workmanship and an excellent product, plus our commitment to customer service have made us the go-to for engineering, safety, and troubleshooting information among industry publications, architects, independent contractors and regulatory councils across the country.

These exacting standards allow us to provide the very best warranty in the industry on our incline elevators. No one else will guarantee structural components for 15 years and non-structural (gearbox, motor, brakes) for 3 years. But we do; we believe so strongly in the integrity of the products we sell because we build them ourselves, and every square inch has to pass our quality inspections before being installed. We also offer a full year warranty on electrical parts and components, in addition to maintenance service contracts. We believe in what we build, and we’re proud of the work we do.

100+ Years combined experience and installs in 4+ Countries.

We are Certified and Compliant in the most strict states including: MN, WI, MI, MA, CA, WA.

If you’d like to know more about our company or talk with one of us, please give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you make the most of your property by adding a state-of-the-art incline elevator or hillside tram.