Marine Innovations’ State-of-the-Art
Inclined Elevators

Your hillside property offers breathtaking scenic overviews which come with unique access problems. Steep, wooded, rocky or otherwise unsafe terrain make it a challenge to get back and forth to the base of the hill or waterfront. Steps are one option, but you still have to climb them, toting your cargo up and down as you go. Sometimes physical limitations make that climb impossible. Families with young children or pets, the elderly, people with handicaps, or folks who just don’t want to spend their time running stairs all day love Marine Innovation’s lake elevators.

Carol & Phil Ferris - Lake Almanor, CA

We love the convenience of our Marine Innovations tram. We enjoy the simplicity and ease of riding to the dock, no more carrying stuff up and down the hill. Our grandkids love it too. Mike and Lori were a joy to work with throughout the entire process.

Charlotte Jacunski, Operations Manager, Northshore Marina

Northshore Marina clients love our Marine Innovations trams. They use the larger tram to haul gear to their boats and the express tram for quick up and down trips from the parking area to the dock. Our employees use them to keep the ship’s store stocked. They run constantly during our busy periods and their uptime is spectacular. They are essential for our older boating community to access and enjoy Lake Travis.

Brett L. - Lake Tuscaloosa, AL

My wife and I were planning for our property on Lake Tuscaloosa. We knew with two young children, we wouldn’t want to trudge up and down the mountainous bank to the dock. We researched other brands, but Marine Innovations stood out.  With the system being all built in-house, they were clearly the superior product. Nick was quick to respond to my call and they stood by their installation date. Now we have an aesthetically pleasing tram that is far better than a walking path to the lake.

M.D.W. - Knoxville, TN

Our dock was unusable, 200’ down a bank at a 30 degree angle. The Marine Innovations tram is a lifesaver. Easy and functional, it makes travel to the water, and the best part, back up to our house, a breeze. Nick was professional, delivering everything he promised on time. I give them my highest recommendation.

Referred to as hillside elevators, hillside trams, lake trams, hill trams or funiculars, our state-of-the-art inclined elevator systems open up all sorts of new and exciting possibilities for your hillside/waterfront property, whether commercial or residential. They can be installed almost anywhere, are easy to operate and deliver a safe, smooth ride every time. We have yet to meet a hill we cannot conquer!

We have over three decades of experience installing and maintaining the best inclined elevators in the industry. We use them to transport our own families almost daily, so you can bet we build them with safety in mind. Since we understand just how important your cargo is, our products come with a 15-year warranty on structural components, three years for non-structural components (gearbox, motor, brakes), one year for drive and brake cable and one year for electrical parts and components. We are the only engineered inclined elevator company in the industry, personally handling your system from design to installation and beyond. We believe in what we build and we take pride in the work we do.

A Marine Innovations tram at a lower landing

Don’t waste another minute missing out on the beauty of your entire property. Contact Marine Innovations today for more information about our custom hillside trams, to request a free quote or find an authorized dealer near you!