Wondering about the outdoor tram cost? You’re not alone. Let’s dive into the comprehensive breakdown of expenses associated with outdoor tram systems to help you make an informed decision. To get a full picture of the total project cost, you need to review a few questions and potentially contact some local professionals.

Understanding Outdoor Tram System Costs

The system cost is pretty straightforward. Based on your location, system length, system angle and your requested options, we can give you a budgetary estimate. After a site visit, we will give you a precise estimate for an outdoor tram system. This estimate is complete, including all components required for a safe, sturdy system, and complete labor, including any travel costs. If you’re getting competitive estimates, make sure they all include these items, often we see competitive estimates that don’t include full labor, travel costs or outside components like footings. We also will potentially include discussed options such as canopies, landings or lights.

Navigating Permits and Surveys

These costs are very location-specific. You will need to check with your lake association, municipality and county to see what is required. Generally, there are few requirements, but it’s better to check into these first. There are a small number of areas that require special surveys done before issuing a permit and it’s better to determine your needs early so you can plan financially and timing as sometimes the process is quick and other times it will take longer. If your state requires an elevator permit, that is obtained by the elevator contractor and is often included in the estimate.

Essential Power Installation Steps

A Marine Innovations outdoor tram requires a minimum of 220 volts, 50 amp service (exact requirements will be provided with the estimate) near the top of the system. A lockable disconnect must be located near and within sight of the tram control panel. Generally, this will need a new electrical line run from your main power load center. You need to contact a local licensed electrician for this work. Power must be installed before the outdoor tram installation.

Decks and Landings – Customizing Your Access

Everyone’s home is different. How you access your outdoor tram is dependent on your exact needs. Most of the time a small landing is used at the top and bottom stops. Sometimes a system can meet the ground level, sidewalk or dock. Other times it will match up with an existing deck. Depending on your location and local codes, landing gates may be required. Marine Innovations offers landings with integrated safety gates that simplify the entry and exit of your outdoor tram. You may only need the outdoor tram and our optional landings or, you may want your local contractor to integrate your tram into your home deck and a lower dock and landing space. It’s best to determine your needs and consult with a local professional if needed.

Landscaping Considerations

The beauty of a Marine Innovations outdoor tram is our installation is very gentle on your lawn and the environment. Generally, all components can be hand-carried from the trailer to the installation site, no heavy equipment is necessary. Our proprietary engineered pin pile system is exceptionally sturdy and doesn’t disturb the soil conditions of the hillside, minimizing any erosion, unlike systems that require cement footings. After installation, there should be minimal disturbance to your lawn, but you may want to update your landscaping around new landings, walking paths or decks. The outdoor tram doesn’t need any special landscaping around the structure. This is something you can do yourself or enlist the assistance of local professionals.

With all these variables, we can’t give you a price, but we outlined some factors you will need to consider when looking at a system. The great thing is an outdoor tram is an investment in your home. It will allow you to enjoy every level of your home for decades to come. You can stay in your home longer. Trips to the boat are hassle-free. And when it comes time to sell your home, the investment in a tram will pay dividends with a quicker sale and at a better price.
Ready to elevate your home with an outdoor tram? Contact us today for an estimate. See how an outdoor tram can help you enjoy your views and your lake too!!

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