Enjoy Your Lake and Your View Too!

Take a smooth, safe ride to your dock in a quality Marine Innovations Hillside Lift

  • Smooth and convenient access
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Unmatched reliability
  • ASME A.17.1-2010, Section 5.4 compliant
  • Free estimates

Bruce Gillies - Lake Almanor, CA

We wanted an easy way to access our dock. The painless purchase and installation of our Marine Innovations lift made it reality. Mike made the planning process easy. The installation crew was professional and efficient. The workmanship is excellent. Now our lake is only a short, smooth ride away.

Carol & Phil Ferris - Lake Almanor, CA

We love the convenience of our Marine Innovations tram. We enjoy the simplicity and ease of riding to the dock, no more carrying stuff up and down the hill. Our grandkids love it too. Mike and Lori were a joy to work with throughout the entire process.

M.D.W. - Knoxville, TN

Our dock was unusable, 200’ down a bank at a 30 degree angle. The Marine Innovations tram is a lifesaver. Easy and functional, it makes travel to the water, and the best part, back up to our house, a breeze. Nick was professional, delivering everything he promised on time. I give them my highest recommendation.

Deb & Craig - Lake Travis, TX

When we bought our lot, the cliff prevented us from accessing the water. The Marine Innovations tram is the key to enjoying our land and the lake. It’s safer than stairs and delivers a smooth, gliding ride from our main house to the guest house and the dock. For ease of access, it is the ultimate easy button.

Wyatt & Beverly Foster - Gainesville, GA

We love the tram! Having easy access to our boat dock will allow us to really live the lake life!
It will also allow us to host functions for veterans through Patriots for Disabled Divers.
Thank you, Marine Innovations, for helping to make this possible.

Steve Lesem - Austin, TX

We are extremely satisfied with our Marine Innovations tram. The tram does what it should do in the extraordinarily difficult conditions and high cliffs of Lake Travis. The quality construction provides complete confidence when taking our five grandchildren to the dock and back. Austin Dock & Tram has been tremendous; they are experts and stand by their product. We couldn’t be happier!

Lanny & Jill Schoeling - Lago Vista, TX

We love our Marine Innovations tram. With two young grandchildren, we needed a system that was safe and secure. The self-leveling system keeps the tram level over our changing terrain. Austin Dock and Tram was great to work with, they were flexible, helpful and honest.

David Mastroianni, General Manager, White Cliffs Country Club

White Cliffs is a residential community and a private country club overlooking Cape Cod Bay. We have 358 residents, but only a small fraction were able to access our beautiful private beach due to the fact that our property sits on a 162 foot high cliff. Marine Innovations installed a vehicular system that has now allowed all of our resident members full access to our beautiful private beach.

Marine Innovations designed the perfect system for our needs and was always helpful, knowledgeable, and professional to work with throughout the planning and installation process.

Charlotte Jacunski, Operations Manager, Northshore Marina

Northshore Marina clients love our Marine Innovations trams. They use the larger tram to haul gear to their boats and the express tram for quick up and down trips from the parking area to the dock. Our employees use them to keep the ship’s store stocked. They run constantly during our busy periods and their uptime is spectacular. They are essential for our older boating community to access and enjoy Lake Travis.

Alex Broat, Manager, Rough Hollow Yacht Club & Marina

Our Marine Innovations tram systems meet all of our expectations! With 290 boat slips, our marina stays busy. Our dual trams mean a decreased wait time for customers. They love the convenience of the lifts when hauling coolers and gear to their boats. Vendors use them to stock our ship store. The tram systems’ reliability is exceptional, keeping our customers happy.

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