Maybe you’re lucky and live in a warm climate and are able to boat year-round. For many of us, each fall we put away our boats and summer toys to prepare for winter activities. Often this includes following a checklist to make sure the cold weather doesn’t cause any damage and everything is buttoned up so critters don’t invade. Your residential funicular is able to operate through the winter months, but if you’re not planning to use it, you may want to take a few steps to ensure it wakes up ready to go next spring.

Fall shutdown

When you’re getting ready to winterize your summer home there are a few steps to prepare your residential funicular. First, bring your carriage to the top of the hill. If you turn off the electricity for the season and have a docking station, remove the docking station battery. If you leave the electricity on, you don’t have to remove the battery. Just make sure the carriage is parked on the docking station and the docking station power will not be interrupted through the winter. This is a good time to clean the carriage and landing areas.
If you’re concerned about ice heaving at the bottom of your hill, call your dealer so they can advise you as to if the bottom section of track should be removed to prevent damage.
If your lower landing area has flooding potential, you should ensure the carriage is parked at the top landing area in the fall to protect its components from water immersion. Remove all keys from call stations and turn off the main power to the control panel. Maintain power to the upper docking station or remove the battery.

Spring Startup

When you are ready to wake up your residential funicular system for spring, there are a few steps to take. First, visually inspect the entire system, make sure the rails are free of debris and nothing was damaged over the winter. Replace any lower track sections removed in the fall. Reinstall docking station batteries removed in fall. Turn on the main power if it was shut off. Send the carriage down and up the hill one complete cycle to ensure the system is operating properly. Your funicular is ready to use.
If any part of your system was submerged, it needs to be visually checked for damage from floodwaters and debris. All submerged electrical components and connections need to be inspected for moisture and properly cleaned. It is best to have this inspection and repair completed by your dealer or a qualified technician.

Winter Use

Generally, your residential funicular can be used through the winter. If you’re planning to use your system in the winter, you must ensure that the rails are free of ice and snow before each use. If heavy snow is predicted, park the carriage at the bottom of the hill. This will allow the carriage to clear the snow from the rails when it is called to the top of the hill. Docking stations are generally installed at the top of a system and battery drain can occur if the carriage is parked off of the docking station, depending on the wireless control system being used. If you plan to use your system in the winter, discuss with your dealer the best method to ensure your system functions correctly.

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Enjoy every minute of the beautiful fall season. Make sure your residential funicular is ready for winter to make spring start-up easier. Interested in getting a residential funicular to ease your access to your lake? Check out our website or contact us today.