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Inclined Elevator

Lake Candlewood, CT


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Inclined Elevator

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Incline Elevators, Hillside Trams and Funiculars.  Residential, Commercial and ADA/Handicap Applications.  Made In The USA!


Marine Innovations offers unparalleled safety and peace of mind because we go to great lengths to ensure the highest standards in design, manufacturing, and installation. We offer multiple safeties plus our own patented braking system. Our system is built in the USA using American components and materials. There is no short cuts. We also constantly invest in Research and Development to ensure our safety record remains untouchable.


We offer a simple design using only the best industrial grade components. Our galvanized steel structure is second to none, as is our pin-pile method of installation. Our systems are designed for a lifetime of use. Every system is designed for your unique site and application, and is installed by only trained and qualified personnel. Plus we offer factory support. A rare commodity in this industry. We also provide the best warranty in the business.


We realize this is an important investment. We have been in business over 25 years and have the most trusted name in the industry. It comes down to the quality of the product combined with the our custom installation, and an unbeatable service record. We have hundreds of satisfied clients across the U.S. plus more in Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. Our company continues to grow because we have never sacrificed quality or safety or integrity in an industry where unfortunately this is often not the case.

Past Projects

Commercial Tram | Lake Pleasant, Arizona


Inclined Elevator | Lake Arrowhead, California

What others say about us

I highly recommend Marine Innovations.

I have a private lake property on Lake Travis in Travis County near Austin, TX. I have had a Marine Innovations commercial tram in operation since 2005. The tram has pretty much operated flawless sinse the 2005 installation date.

Recently, I have encountered some minor issues that I needed help trouble shooting. Both Mike and Lori have been most courteous, helpful and instrumental in assisting me in getting my tram back in operation. It’s not often in todays world that you get a great product along with supurb customer service. My calls are always returned quickly by Marine Innovations, if they do not immediately have the required parts and or information that is needed they follow up and make sure the issue is resolved as quick as possible.

Mickey Redwine


We just wanted to thank you and let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you on our new inclinator. The construction, engineering, assembly and process were seamless. We highly recommend Marine Innovations for any construction needs. For years our Yacht Club members were forced to walk up the daunting stairs with little relief. Even our most fit members were huffing and puffing by the time they reached our Club. Unfortunately some of our older members had to resign due to the fact that they couldn’t reach our Club. After the installation of the Tram we have seen a number of our older members re-join as well as new members who have come to love it. Since the installation we have had zero mechanical problems and she runs as smoothly now as she did when she was first christened. Thank you so much we made a fantastic decision to go with Marine Innovations.

Greg HawsClub ManagerSanta Cruz Yacht Club • Santa Cruz, CA


The Village of Riverview purchased an overland boat launcher from Marine Innovations. On a busy summer weekend the tram will transport 50 to 70 boats a day from our inland Marina to the River. The tram has proven to be very reliable and a huge asset to our business.

Ken Foltz


In our lake association, we have all ages in membership. Many older members were not able to enjoy the beauty of the lake due to the steep incline of the walkway. Today, because of our incline elevator, everyone is enjoying the lake. Thank you.



I was thrilled by the competitive price; then impressed by their follow-through and service. Hands-down they have a great product – a great experience. Cheers!

Larry TiburonCA


Smooth, quiet operation. Pleased with the high quality.



We have had our incline elevator working for several years now. The system operates perfectly in one of the harshest environments for machinery and electronics. It was designed and installed by Marine Innovations. The system is on a salt water beach & bluff. It has withstood blizzards and Hurricane Sandy. The support and follow up provided has been impressive. Thank you for a professional job.

George Klein


Our older guests can now enjoy the beach and water without struggling with the steps. Our hillside tram has raised the value of our property and will be a key selling point in the future.



When we embarked on planning to build a house on top of a steep hillside in Costa Rica in the middle of the rainforest, we knew we could not build an access road to the construction site. We had to search for options to get access to the site for building materials and, ultimately, ourselves and visitors. We decided to build an incline elevator from the bottom of the hill to the top where the house was going to be and use it for the actual construction process and later on to access the house. Our choice to hire Marine Innovations from Minnesota for this daunting and unusual task turned out to be very wise since their expertise and patience, coupled with their willingness to go the extra mile to make this happen, led to a very beautiful and fun solution with extremely little impact on the environment. The tram blends very nicely into the hillside and adds to the secluded beauty of our vacation home.

Dr. Martin Hahn


White Cliffs is very excited! We’ll be operating the Tram starting Thursday. Nick as always did a great job and Mark and his crew were great! You have assembled a good team here in the Northeast. Enjoyed working with all of you.

David MastroianniGeneral ManagerWhite Cliffs Country Club • Plymoth, MA

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