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with the only fully engineered system in the market!

Incline Elevators, Hillside Trams and Funiculars.  Residential, Commercial and ADA/Handicap Applications.  Made In The USA!

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Marine Innovations offers unparalleled safety and peace of mind because we go to great lengths to ensure the highest standards in design, manufacturing, and installation. We offer multiple safeties plus our own patented braking system. Our system is built in the USA using American components and materials. There is no short cuts. We also constantly invest in Research and Development to ensure our safety record remains untouchable.


We offer a simple design using only the best industrial grade components. Our galvanized steel structure is second to none, as is our pin-pile method of installation. Our systems are designed for a lifetime of use. Every system is designed for your unique site and application, and is installed by only trained and qualified personnel. Plus we offer factory support. A rare commodity in this industry. We also provide the best warranty in the business.


We realize this is an important investment. We have been in business over 25 years and have the most trusted name in the industry. It comes down to the quality of the product combined with the our custom installation, and an unbeatable service record. We have hundreds of satisfied clients across the U.S. plus more in Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. Our company continues to grow because we have never sacrificed quality or safety or integrity in an industry where unfortunately this is often not the case.