Commercial Inclined Elevator Systems Custom Designed for Your Business


We Engineer Commercial Inclined Elevators and Lifts to Suit Your Needs

We’re proud to be family-owned and operated and based in the United States, with the experience and resources that 30 years as a leader in the industry provides. We will tackle any commercial hillside project you can throw at us, transporting your guests, employees, visitors, or customers safely from point A to point B. Our trams are built to withstand continual use in the most extreme temperatures, from sub-zero Alaskan winters to tropical Costa Rican summers.

All of our commercial hillside elevators are engineered and built by us in our own facility, in order to meet our exacting standards. These custom design capabilities make our trams completely adaptable to hundreds of applications. They can be built to accommodate water fluctuation, weather conditions, aesthetic requirements, wheelchair accessibility, or whatever else your project dictates. Plus, our engineered pin pile installation process creates unsurpassed strength with minimal environmental impact, allowing for soil anchoring and vegetation growth, so your property retains its natural feel.

Commercial Inclined Elevator Manufacturer and Dealer

We have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients in businesses across the globe, including:

  • Marinas
  • Resorts
  • Home Developments
  • Lake Communities
  • Stadiums
  • Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Beach Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Industrial Sites
  • And More!

David Mastroianni, General Manager, White Cliffs Country Club

White Cliffs is a residential community and a private country club overlooking Cape Cod Bay. We have 358 residents, but only a small fraction were able to access our beautiful private beach due to the fact that our property sits on a 162 foot high cliff. Marine Innovations installed a vehicular system that has now allowed all of our resident members full access to our beautiful private beach.

Marine Innovations designed the perfect system for our needs and was always helpful, knowledgeable, and professional to work with throughout the planning and installation process

Charlotte Jacunski, Operations Manager, Northshore Marina

Northshore Marina clients love our Marine Innovations trams. They use the larger tram to haul gear to their boats and the express tram for quick up and down trips from the parking area to the dock. Our employees use them to keep the ship’s store stocked. They run constantly during our busy periods and their uptime is spectacular. They are essential for our older boating community to access and enjoy Lake Travis.

Alex Broat, Manager, Rough Hollow Yacht Club & Marina

Our Marine Innovations tram systems meets all of our expectations! With 290 boat slips, our marina stays busy. Our dual trams mean a decreased wait time for customers. They love the convenience of the lifts when hauling coolers and gear to their boats. Vendors use them to stock our ship store. The tram systems’ reliability is exceptional, keeping our customers happy.
Commercial incline lift dealer

We have designed, manufactured and installed commercial inclined trams across the US, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas. Demand for our craftsmanship and excellent service has grown to include Costa Rica, the Caribbean, and points beyond.

We love a good challenge! While many companies will only work with new inclined elevators, retrofitting older, outdated commercial systems is one of our specialties. All of our systems meet or exceed all ASME A.17.1 – 2013, Section 5.1 national codes, and are completely adaptable to regions where regulations vary, including overseas.

Fully customizable with the following options, Marine Innovations can design an inclined elevator to help you get the most out of your commercial property:

  • Automatic cab doors
  • Carriage canopy with Sunbrella  fabric, aluminum, acrylic or custom materials
  • Carriage/cab lighting
  • Conduit for 110 volt power to lower landing
  • Custom carriage designs & colors
  • Docking stations for battery charging
  • Door interlocks
  • Double-cable drive systems
  • Enclosed, heated and air-conditioned cabs
  • Energy chain
  • Marine rail
  • PLC system
  • Phone/communication systems
  • Safety gates
  • Safety switches
  • Self-leveling systems
  • Stainless steel rail and cable for saltwater
  • Stairway systems
  • Wheelchair doors

We believe in service long after the sale-that’s why we have full-time staff available to offer phone support, annual inspections and maintenance service on your commercial hillside elevator system if you need it.