You’ve seen one at your neighbor’s, the marina or on YouTube – a home inclined elevator!  They look fun, interesting, maybe easy. Maybe you’ve considered one as you carry the cooler down to the pontoon. You think they might be nice, but…. Maybe you should think again.  They might seem like a luxury, but an inclined elevator really is a practical and beneficial addition to your home. Here are the 10 best aspects (and one bonus) why:

1. Safety

When you are looking at a home inclined elevator, safety might not be the first benefit that comes to mind, but it’s pretty important. No more slipping on wet or broken steps. Designed to meet or exceed ASME A17.1 elevator code, a Marine Innovations home inclined elevator is built for safety.

2. Labor Saving

You might find climbing steps relaxing some days, but carrying a day’s worth of food and toys to the boat can make for a slow start to the fun.  After cleaning up after a long day in the sun, the last thing you want to do is make three trips back up the hill with your arms full.

3. Practical

Sometimes stiff knees or a sprained ankle would mean the stairs to the dock are off limits, but not with an inclined elevator. You can easily take your aunt to the dock with her walker and let her enjoy the beauty of the lake.  As you age, you will always be ready for a quick ride to the dock for a long, relaxing pontoon ride and no worries about going back up to the house.

4. Neighborly

You can be the helpful neighbor when grandma shows up next door and wants a tour of the lake. Let them take the inclined elevator to the waterline so she can enjoy a cruise on the lake.

5. Social

Don’t walk down the steps single file. Ride down face to face and enjoy the company.  Rather than grumble about the long walk up the steps, you can finish your discussion as the lift quietly takes you to your deck.

6. Relaxing

Smooth and quiet with soft starts and stops, a Marine Innovations inclined elevator will drain your stress away.  No jarring bumps. Even changes in hill angle are fluid and peaceful.

7. Responsible

Do you have grandchildren? Think about the peace of mind with them safely riding down to the dock with you. They can’t run ahead or fall behind. No trips and falls.  Just an uneventful ride to the beach. Plus, they’ll love the ride!

8. Comfortable

Effortless doors, ergonomically located controls and cozy seats make entrance and exit, and everything in between, enjoyable. Optional canopies, windscreens and lights can protect you from the elements and illuminate your way in the evening. Does your home have multiple levels? We can have multiple stops to help access every outdoor living space.

9. Life-changing

An inclined elevator might make the difference allowing you to stay in your home.  It’s the accessibility feature providing you access to your parking area, home and waterfront. You can grow old in the home you love and always enjoy everything.

10. Smart

Act today! Start to enjoy every part of your home without limits. An inclined elevator is an investment in accessibility, so invest today for rewards that will pay you back over and over.

Bonus: Easy

Just call Marine Innovations.  We can help you along the path with site visits, design expertise, the world’s best-built home inclined elevator, quick installation and an industry-leading warranty.

There you go! 10 11 of the best aspects of an inclined elevator. Make the most of your beautiful home and enjoy every view and level. Don’t waste another day! Contact us to learn how a home inclined elevator can improve your life.