We all seem tied to our devices these days.  Imagine your family riding the lake funicular from your cabin to the dock and all the phones are sitting on the cabin counter. What would you do with yourselves on the water.  Here are 10 great reasons to leave the phones in the cabin:

1. Relaxation

It’s nice when you’re not worried about posts, texts and updates.

2. Nature

Sit back and enjoy your surroundings.  You can drift and watch – you’ll miss the eagle fishing if you’re on the phone.

3. Laughter

Friends and family can be a lot more fun when they are interacting with each other and not their phones.

4. Fresh Air

Ok, sure you breath when you’re on the phone. But without the distractions, you can take deep breaths and enjoy the elements of every scent.

5. Family

When you’re not all on your phones, you talk, reminisce and make new memories.

6. Sunsets

Sunsets happen pretty fast. You don’t want to miss out with your nose in your phone.

7. Sounds

A fish splashing, a loon calling, or your grandkids laughing.  Sit back and hear every last note, don’t be playing solitaire on your phone.

8. Quiet

Yes, I know it is right after sounds, but some days the quiet stillness of the lake is like meditation.

9. Thriftiness

If all the phones are in the cabin, no one will drop one in the lake. It happens more often than you think.

10. Memories

The best memories are when friends and family are together. When the phones are gone, you realize how much you enjoy spending time with those you love.

Does your cabin have a hill? A lake funicular is a great way to enjoy the ride from your cabin to the dock. Contact us and see how easy and convenient a lake funicular will make your cabin life.