Everyone has different needs and wants. Each home is different. Your reasons for wanting a specific tool is unique to only you. If you’re looking at a hill tram for your home, you might have one immediate need in mind. But there are a multitude of reasons that you might not have thought of yet. A hill tram definitely has many advantages.

Residential Hill Tram Systems

Not every home has the same issues.  What is important for one owner isn’t a concern for another.  Here is a list of some advantages of a residential tram system:

  1. Prevents any tripping/slipping potential of stairs
  2. Lightens the load of hauling gas, coolers, tackle boxes and other gear up and down to the lake
  3. Makes unmanageable slopes manageable
  4. Provides access for people with accessibility issues
  5. Smooth, quite operation
  6. Environmentally friendly, less disturbance and less opportunity for erosion
  7. Help with the sale or resale of homes on challenging properties
  8. Promotes relaxation with calming sunset rides
  9. Reliability of a system refined & perfected over 28 years
  10. Increased home value
  11. Allows for lot development when otherwise not possible
  12. Simplicity of hauling people, groceries and supplies to a hilltop home

Commercial Hill Tram Systems

Many of the residential advantages apply to commercial applications. But commercial hill trams have special advantages also.

  1. Insure compliance for Americans with Disabilities Act
  2. Improve customer safety and comfort
  3. Deliver additional demand or a broader audience for a rental property
  4. Maintain access to amenities
  5. Convey a luxury experience
  6. Increase customer satisfaction


Maybe you have had some thoughts about investing in a hill tram. You had one obstacle you want to overcome.  Now you see there are many advantages to a hill tram.  Marine Innovations is the expert in tram systems.  Contact us today to see how we can help you enjoy your home, your lake and your view, too.

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