There is a lot to do every day – work, kids, laundry and much more.  But we should all make time to enjoy the outdoors. Your outdoor lift can help you enjoy the outdoors by simplifying your commute from your home to your dock. Although there are many more, here are five reasons to enjoy the outdoors:

1. Relaxation – With all the mental demands of the world today, sometimes you need to relax and, as the saying goes, smell the roses.  Nothing relaxes me more than being outside, whether in the shade or sun. Feeling the breeze, smelling the scents of nature, hearing the buzz of honey bees or the call of birds. If you’re lucky you can see squirrels, rabbits or deer. If you work from home, your relaxation might make your workday that much better.

2. Health – Our homes have great heat and air conditioning systems, but nothing recharges you more than being outside.  Fresh air, sunlight, vitamin D all help keep us healthy.  The relaxation of being in nature delivers a sense of calm. Being outside for a portion of your day will help you physically and mentally. Your outdoor lift will smoothly and quietly take you to your dock or boathouse for some time on the water.

3. Family – Take some time to reconnect with your family.  Leave the phones on the counter and spend some quality time fishing, wake surfing or cruising. Make some memories that the whole family will remember. Your outdoor lift keeps the day simple by hauling all the gear you need for a full day on the water.
4. Entertainment – When you’re taking friends out for a leisure cruise, you want everyone to be comfortable.  What is better than riding the outdoor elevator to the dock? Certainly not walking steps. Maybe your guests have trouble with hills and stairs, they would enjoy the smooth ride of your tram. When the trip is over, everyone can enjoy the ride back up the hill.

5. Perspective – Nothing gives you perspective on your day like a few relaxing, quiet moments.  Your outdoor lift gives you effortless, peaceful time to reflect, without worry about stairs or toting your gear back up the hill. All you need to do is close the gate and rotate the control switch to get back to your home.

You can probably come up with your own reasons to enjoy nature with your outdoor lift. See how easy your life is when you don’t need to climb stairs. Click the button below to learn how simple it is to own a Marine Innovations lift.