Pontoons today are extremely versatile. You can cruise, fish, ski and so much more. When you head out on the water you probably have a list of things you must take with for an enjoyable cruise. With your residential funicular, you can take everything you need without worrying about steps or hills. Here are some must have items when we go on the water:
1. Drink Holders: It doesn’t matter if it’s our morning coffee or evening cocktail, drink holders are a requirement. Every seat should have access to a couple so no one every spills a drink and makes a mess.
2. Garbage Can: No one wants to have a mess on the water. We don’t want to pollute our lakes and rivers.  A garbage can gives you a place to put wrappers, cans and papers so they don’t blow overboard and into the water.
3. Cooler: Drinks and many snacks are so much better cold. Our kids love to have a popsicle on a hot afternoon. A good cooler keeps them frozen. If you’re out fishing, you can keep your bait fresh.
4. Spill-proof Pet Water Dish: Our dog loves the boat and usually is the first onboard. He gets pretty warm in the sun, so we always bring a water dish so he can have a drink and cool off. Pets are affected by heat differently than people. Make sure to keep your pets safe when they are on the water with you.
5. Waterproof Camera/Smartphone: You will want to record your day’s fun. Make sure to pack a waterproof camera or smartphone with a waterproof case. Snap some photos so you remember the fun when your back at home or work.
6. Emergency Kit: This is a requirement. Make sure you stay safe on the water.  Things like a first aid kit, whistle, flare/signaling device and waterproof flashlight will keep you safe should you have problems.  Be sure to check your local regulations to make sure you have everything required for your area.
7. Stereo: Whether it’s music, sports or podcasts, sometimes you want more than the peaceful sounds of nature. Today’s stereos are crisp and clear.  If there’s nothing appealing on the radio, a Bluetooth connection will let you pull the playlist off your phone.
8. Sunscreen: You want to be able to keep hitting the lake, day after day, so good sunscreen will prevent a nasty sunburn. Putting the top up will help keep you in the shade too. The sun feels good, but controlling your exposure will make sure you are comfortable for the whole summer.
So, ride your residential funicular down to the dock and head out on the water to relax Take along your favorite people, pets and gear for an enjoyable day on the water. A residential funicular provides a smooth, quiet ride to and from your dock See how easy your life is when you don’t need to climb stairs. Click the button below to learn how simple it is to own a Marine Innovations lift.