We all love the view from our cabin but may not like the stairs to the dock. As we age, the stairs become more of a challenge. Accessible dock transportation is key to helping us continue to enjoy our lake while we grow older.

The steps weren’t a problem when you were in your 40’s. The teenagers run up and down. As we age, their challenge increases. Maybe a friend or relative has mobility issues. An inclined elevator, also known as an inclined lift, hillside lift or funicular, can take the work out of getting to the lake and back.

Designed to efficiently transport up to four people up or down a hillside, an inclined elevator is the definition of accessible dock transportation. Also used to move people and goods from a parking area to the home or the home down to a pool or recreation area, these marvels let you avoid the stairs. Do you need to take a cooler and tackle box to the boat? No problem. Your knee is sore after a day of golf? Avoid the stairs. Are you concerned about your older neighbor or grandkids tripping on the way to the dock? Not when they can enjoy a smooth ride in your Marine Innovations inclined elevator.

Adding an inclined elevator now provides you with relaxation and comfort. As you age, it will allow you to stay in your home and continue to enjoy your lake. You can go to the dock without worrying about slipping on a wet or frosty step. You don’t have to be concerned about carrying supplies or gear to the water or back. If you or your friends have an accessible scooter, they can drive onto the carriage and ride down to the dock and still go on a relaxing pontoon ride.

Marine Innovations inclined elevators are built to last. With over 30 years of experience, we set the standard for quality. Installing one today allows you to enjoy it now and let it allow you to grow old in your home, continuing to access and enjoy the water. Also, they will outlive multiple sets of steps, so it’s an investment that will pay dividends.

There are many options available, allowing you to customize your inclined elevator to your hill and home.

  • Several canopies are available to protect you from rain, snow and sun. Sunbrella fabric or curved aluminum canopies are the most popular.
  • Windscreens can be added to your canopy frame to help protect you from wind and weather. They’re clear and durable.
  • Trolley covers add a layer of protection to the trolley components and provide a nice finished appearance. Powder-coated to match the rest of your system, they are popular and functional.
  • Carriage lights are a great addition, illuminating your carriage on those dark nights. A built-in timer activates the lights during and shortly after your ride.
  • Our self-leveling carriage option is a welcome addition for some installations. It allows the track to be installed closer to the ground and follow the contour of the land. The carriage remains level and sturdy.
  • Multiple stops can allow access to all of your homes features. Your home might have multiple living levels, decks and patios. We can design an inclined elevator to provide stops at all locations, providing access for everyone at every location.
  • Security access is available for every need. Whether it is keyed access, keypad access or key fob security, we can provide a system that will suit your security needs.

Don’t spend another summer looking at your hill and hating your stairs. Contact Marine Innovations today to see how our industry-leading inclined elevator can give you the freedom of movement to stay in and enjoy every part of your home. Accessible dock transportation will allow you to enjoy your view and your lake, too.