Do you look at a modern hillside elevator and wonder if they have always been this sophisticated?


Early Hillside Elevators

The first hillside elevators were quite utilitarian. They were built to solve a problem, just like a modern hillside elevator. But the differences far out-weigh the similarities. Today’s Marine Innovations hillside elevators are modern marvels. They’re technologically advanced, safe, efficient machines. Early versions still used the mechanical advantages of an electric motor, gears and pulleys to reduce the effort of moving people and supplies up and down tilted grades, but they were quite crude by today’s standards.

Whereas early hillside elevators were considered quite modern, safety systems were limited to physical barriers and operator’s reaction time. Today’s Marine Innovations systems can incorporate many switches and smart computer controlled systems, insuring the safety of elevator’s occupants. Printed circuit boards and variable frequency drives are replacing relays and resistors, plus they are delivering smoother starts and stops. New electronic systems allow for passenger monitoring, better safety control and options for timed lights, self-leveling carriages, remote control and much more.

Early hillside elevators had abrupt starts and stops and the ability to select up or down. Today, our variable frequency drive control system provides a smooth ramp up and ramp down of speed for the carriage. The integrated safeties stop the system if a door is opened, a landing gate is not secured or if the drive malfunctions.

Modern Inclined ElevatorsModern Hillside Elevators

Today’s computer-aided design technology allows us to custom design each system to the exact hill and specifications of every customer rather than have one system that is put on any hill. Marine Innovations’ in-house waterjet cutting center and press brake allow for short-run manufacturing. That improves turn-around time, inventory control and customization of specialized parts.

Modern finishes such as powder coating allow for durable and aesthetically-pleasing carriages and trolleys. This is matched with galvanizing and electrolytic zinc plating for corrosion resistance and durability on the rails and moving parts. These processes provide Marine Innovations with a long-lasting system and an attractive finish that will last a lifetime.

Marine Innovations has been America’s premier elevator business manufacturer since 1991, that is over 27 years of experience. We produce both residential and commercial inclined elevators. Look at other manufacturers and you’ll see that very few companies last this long. We have been leading the evolution of the hillside elevator business, advancing the technology that has become the industry standard. When we say state-of-the-art incline elevators, it is because our research and long hours are the force that has modernized incline elevators to the marvels they are today. Contact us and see why Marine Innovations is America’s premier hillside elevator manufacturer.

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