You know you want a residential hill tram. It will make your trips to the lake and back so much easier. The standard tram system is safe, quiet and reliable. You can pick from our selection of standard colors or a vast range of custom colors. But there are so many more options that help you personalize your tram system to your needs and tastes.

Carriage Style: We have two primary carriages. Our Traditional Carriage (on left below) with spindles and our Designer Carriage (on right below) with perforated aluminum side panels. The designer carriage has rounded extruded aluminum corners for a smooth look. You can further customize our Designer Carriage with solid aluminum or polycarbonate panels.
Hill Tram Carriages
Hill tram carriage with canopy, lights and windscreens

Hill Tram Carriage With Canopy, Lights And Windscreens

Carriage lights: If you plan to use your hill tram in the evening, lights are an exceptional option. Designed to activate when the tram starts and stay lit for a designated time after you reach your destination, they are located under the seat or in the canopy (if equipped). Since they are on a timed circuit, they can’t be left on.

Canopy: Whether you want protection from the sun or rain, a canopy is a great option. Available in Sunbrella fabric, curved aluminum or aluminum gable styles, we have a canopy to meet your needs. Need a custom canopy? Bring us your request and we will design a roof to your specifications. Planning to use your tram in cool or windy conditions? We can add windscreens for an added level of comfort.

Hill Tram Trolley Cover

Hill Tram Trolley Cover

Self-Leveling Carriage: Often hills are at a consistent angle and the tracks run straight top to bottom. If your terrain is a little more challenging, we can add a self-leveling system to the carriage/trolley assembly to keep the carriage level throughout the ride. A self-leveling system will allow the track to run close to the surface and the carriage remains level for a safe, smooth, comfortable ride.

Trolley Cover: There are a few moving parts on the trolley of your hill tram. Some homeowners prefer to cover these parts with a trolley cover. Trolley covers are powder coated to match the carriage and trolley, hiding the governor and brake mechanisms.

Hill Tram Landing Gates

Hill Tram Landing Gates

Docking Station/Charger: The wireless control system requires batteries to operate. If you don’t want to replace the controller batteries as they age, you can upgrade to rechargeable batteries with a docking station and charger assembly to keep them fully charged.

Landing Gates: You can add landing gates that match the design of your carriage. They will keep you and your guests safe when the tram system is running. Interlocks prevent the tram from running if a door is open and prevent the gates from opening if the tram is running.

Multiple stops: Do you want your tram system to have multiple stops? With an upgraded control system, your Marine Innovations hill tram can stop at up to 6 locations.

This list of options will give you an idea of how you can customize your residential hill tram to your requirements.  Is there something you didn’t see? Ask, we have the solution! Our engineering department can customize tracks, carriages and controls to suit your lot, home or desires. Check out this video for more option information. Take a good look at a Marine Innovations hill tram and see how it can make your life easier. Not worrying about walking to and from your dock will make you time on and off the water that much more enjoyable. Contact us today to discuss how to personalize your tram.

Do you want to read more about Marine Innovations residential hill trams? The residential tram page has more system information. You can also check out our YouTube channel.