If you have a home with a tough slope, a hill lift can help. Limited space, obstacles, extreme hills, access requests and changing slope. All types of issues where Marine Innovations can help you find creative solutions.


Hillside tram for parking areaAlthough there are set-back requirements and regulations, a Marine Innovations hill lift can be installed in a corridor as narrow as 48 inches. Our carriages have several door options to fit your needs. The Advantage system allows the carriage to land close to ground level at the bottom of the hill. Let’s look at your site and find the solution for your hill.

Extreme Hill

Hillside tram on steep hillYour hill is steep, your friends say you live on a cliff. Don’t worry, we can run a Marine Innovations hill lift at up to a 70 degree angle. Don’t guess that it’s too steep. Contact us to see how a hill lift can work for you.



Hillside tram curved trackDo you have a building, rock or some other obstacle blocking your best tram path? Do you want a hill lift, but value your privacy? We can work on almost any site. We have systems with curved tracks to help work with your environment. Bring us your requests and we will bring you solutions.

Access Control

Do you want to secure your hill lift system? Maybe you’re in an associations with several owners. We can accommodate all levels of security from simple key switches, secure keypad access points, to wireless remotes. A Marine Innovations hill lift can be customized to your needs.


Changing Hill Slope

Self-Leveling SystemA hill with multiple angles is not a problem. Our self-leveling system allows the carriage to stay level as the track adjusts to match the terrain. You and your guests remain comfortable while gliding down the hill.


No matter what kind of hill you have, Marine Innovations has you covered.  Contact us or your local Marine Innovations dealer when the time is right to find out how our state-of-the-art hill lift can give you access to your whole property. You can enjoy your view and your lake too.

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