Sometimes we miss a great opportunity. We might spend most of our lake time on the water, in our house, or out on the deck. Occasionally, we might get to steal away a little time to ourselves to relax. That time might be spent on a space usually reserved for storage of our toys, the dock. Often the dock is where we moor our boats, store the water toys and access the water. Some docks lead to boathouses, full-blown party locations with bathrooms and kitchens. Usually, they are something in between. If you’re lucky, you can ride your hillside tram, also known as an inclined elevator or hillavator, down to your dock and take some time to relax without any work.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Your shoreline will determine if you see the sunrise or sunset. This can be a rewarding experience. A sunrise is the awakening of the day. As the light increases, you start to hear insects and birds come awake. You hear the splash of frogs and animals. A sunset is the opposite, everything quiets down. Mist rises off of the water or the stars start to appear. Both are relaxing and calming.

Enjoy Your Morning Coffee

For some, every day begins with a hot cup of coffee. Sitting in a comfortable chair, watching the lake as steam rises out of your mug is a perfect way to relax as your day is starting. You can ease your way into the projects of your day and make sure your priorities are aligned. Maybe you’ll want two cups.

Catch a Fish (or two)

There’s a reason bass anglers target docks, they hold fish. If you’re quiet, often you can catch those fish yourself. They might not be trophy fish, but you can have some fun. Depending on your lake, a few casts could produce a lot of entertainment.

Chat With Your Neighbors or Friends

Maybe you’ll have guests come down with you, maybe they’ll come by boat or paddleboard. But sometimes a little one-to-one conversation surrounded by nature is the best relaxant available. You’ll gain knowledge and appreciation of your friends or loved ones.

Absorb Some Vitamin D

Some days it feels good to just sit in the sun. Bring a chair, put on your sunglasses and enjoy the warmth. Your body can get vitamin d from other sources, but grabbing some sun may be the most relaxing method.

Read a Book

That book you started has been sitting on the table, too many things to do to read. Take some time on the dock to read. Your chores can wait. Reading is a great way to relax. It takes your mind off of work, problems and questions, sweeping you into the plot of your novel.


Okay, this might not sound relaxing, but it’s better than working in the office. Sitting in the sun, enjoying the sounds and smells of nature might give you the inspiration for finishing a report or the clarity to solve problems you struggled with in the office. If nothing else, at least you can feel good about being productive.

Watch Wildlife

Ducks, Loons, fish, Ospreys, beavers, squirrels, eagles, etc. When you sit still, you never know what may fly, walk or swim by, often closer than you think. If you’ve ever seen a Bald Eagle dive into the water, grab a fish with its talons and shake the water off as it flies away, you’ll remember it. It’s a sight to treasure.


It might not be for everyone, but a cat nap on the dock might just be the refresh you need to finish your project or chores. Just don’t hop off your chair and into the water.


A little safer than a true nap. Taking a few minutes to close your eyes, focus your thoughts and attention. You can lower your stress level and clear your mind so the rest of your day is productive.


If you want to strengthen your body and your mind, maybe you’ll do some yoga. The dock is sturdy, the air is crisp and clean. You can increase flexibility and lower stress levels all while surrounded by nature.

Watch Your Children or Grandchildren

This might be the most enjoyable thing to do at the dock. Nothing is better than watching energetic children play. They use their imagination, splash and swim. They build up an appetite and all the fresh air makes them sleep great at night.

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The lake is a magical place that brings enjoyment and entertainment. A hillside tram makes stairs obsolete and simplifies taking gear to the dock. No matter how you enjoy the dock and water, a hillside tram makes the day a little easier.

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