We enjoy the lake and having kids and grandkids just amplifies the fun. Nothing beats having a few hours to enjoy the sun, water and the laughter of children. A hillside tram system lets you enjoy lake time without worrying about steps, hauling stuff to the water, or toting a tired little one back up the hill.

1. Know Safety

Make sure to bring what you need to be safe. Everyone on the boat should have a life jacket. Youngsters should wear them at all times (check your regulations to know the rules). Your cell phone is great for pictures, but it is also good to have in case of emergencies. Have a first aid kit or band-aids for little scratches.

2. Swimming Skills

Everyone on the boat or playing by the beach should be comfortable in the water and have basic swimming skills. A life jacket for those not as comfortable in the water gives everyone added security and peace of mind. Also, a busy day swimming will make sure younger kids are ready for a nap or bedtime.

3. Pack for Fun, and Hungry Kids

Kids need toys to keep them busy, lifejackets to keep them safe and food to keep them going. We all have beverages to keep us hydrated. As much as adults like to realize, kids need to keep busy. Make sure you pack toys to keep them active and entertained. We might also need fishing gear or beach chairs. Luckily your hillside tram lets you move all your gear without having to go up and down the stairs. One easy trip and you’re ready for fun.

4. Bring Friends

We all enjoy company and kids are no different. Their friends might be neighbors, cousins or friends from school, but nothing is quite the same as having someone your own age to play with to make the day great. As parents, it’s always entertaining to watch kids playing together and interacting with each other.

5. Introduce Them to New Stuff

The beach and the lake are great places to expand a child’s world. Bring binoculars to watch birds and wildlife and snorkeling gear to watch fish and crawfish. Teach kids how to paddleboard or kayak. Learn to wake surf alongside your kids. Instruct them on safe boat operation. The water is an educational environment that makes learning fun and exciting. Just make sure they stay safe.

6. Towels, Umbrellas and Sunscreen

We already talked about packing lifejackets and food, but don’t forget about other necessities. Umbrellas and sunscreen are needed to protect everyone’s skin from the warm, inviting sun. Towels can be used to sit on the sand, dry off after a refreshing dip in the lake. They are also handy to keep warm after the sunsets.

7. Time Your Trip

We all want to enjoy every minute in the sun, but with kids, we have to consider their needs. Some kids are early risers, some need their naps. You should plan your day to integrate with your children’s sleep cycle so everyone is happy when you’re on the water.

8. Expect the Unexpected

Plans change. Little ones’ moods shift. Rain clouds or wind move-in. You should always be ready to update your plans to make the most of everyone’s time and enjoy every minute. One thing remains the same. Your Marine Innovations hillside lift is ready to assist with transporting you your kids and all your gear back up to the house.

Learn More

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