Taking children fishing can be a little bit of work and lots of fun. Easy lake access removes the stress and increases enjoyment. Imagine being able to take everything down to the boat in one smooth ride instead of two or more trips up and down the steps.

For nearly 20 years I have been taking my children, and sometimes a bunch of their friends, boating and fishing. When they are little, the trick is to keep them active and entertained. They don’t want to be waiting, they want to be on the water. A Marine Innovations inclined elevator, sometimes called a funicular, hill tram, hillside lift, or hill hiker can make the whole day easy. Instead of multiple trips up and down the stairs to take coolers, tackle boxes, gear and people to the boat, you can take one smooth trip down to the dock. If more people want to go, they just call the carriage back to the top and soon they are on the boat, too.

Stair systems are labor-intensive and expensive to build, require continual maintenance, cause erosion and still require everyone to walk up and down. They can often interrupt the well-planned landscaping. For someone with mobility issues, they are an impediment that prevents access to the water. An inclined elevator often doesn’t cost much more than stairs and is a life-long investment that will outlast several sets of stairs.

When you take children fishing, you need to collect fishing rods, bait, tackle, water, snacks, life vests and more. On the water you need to bait hooks, keep all the lines untangled, control the boat, run the net and take off fish (until the children get the hang of it). When you get back to shore, you need to dock the boat, cart the gear back to the cabin and clean the fish. An inclined elevator makes the lake access easy and transporting everything back up the hill effortless. I’ve had up to six children on the boat and it’s a lot of work, but the smiles, laughter and fun make it worth every minute.

Children grow up pretty quick, you need to take the time to enjoy them and fishing is a great way to have fun on the water. So grab a fishing rod and head out to enjoy some time with your children or grandchildren today.

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