A Marine Innovations hill lift ( also known as a hill tram, hillside lift or funicular) is the best-built system you can buy, period! You want to make sure you, your family and friends are safe when they use the hill lift. As the owner, you’re responsible for the system. We have five tips to keep your hill lift, and its occupants, safe.

1. Read and understand the owner’s manual

Your owner’s manual is a key piece of information. It provides you with information on safety, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and much more. It’s not too long but gives you specific information about your hill lift. Take a few minutes and learn about fall shutdown, spring startup and winter use. Get to understand the warranty and review the annual safety inspection checklist. Taking care of your system will extend it’s life and keep occupants safe.

2. Have inspections and service performed regularly

Your hill lift is an elevator trusted to carry you and your family. It needs to be maintained as an elevator. The owner’s manual provides an annual inspection report. An inspection should be performed to ensure all systems are functioning correctly and any maintenance is performed to keep the system functioning correctly. Marine Innovations and our dealers can help by performing your annual inspections and servicing your system as needed.

3. Adopt a strict adults-only policy

Your hill lift safety precautions state that operators must be 16 or older. You want to make sure that only mature people control the system and they’re going to watch for obstacles and keep all the riders safe. Although young kids may want to “drive” the tram, Letting them ride and watch so they can learn and operate it safely when they turn 16 is a much better plan.

4. Keep the batteries charged

Many hill lifts have lights, self-leveling features and other options that require a battery. The carriage controls are wireless and battery-powered. Should the carriage control batteries fully drain, the system will not operate. You want to keep the batteries fresh to make sure everything works. Many systems have an optional docking station that keeps the batteries charged. You must park the carriage at the correct landing to ensure the batteries charge.

Another practice to stretch battery life is to make sure that carriage doors are always closed and all emergency stop buttons are in the run position. This will make sure the safety systems are idle and not reporting a stop signal. If a door is left open or an emergency switch is enabled, the system is broadcasting a signal to make sure the system doesn’t move. Keeping doors closed and emergency stop buttons deactivated prevents the signal and extends battery life.

5. Use the hill lift appropriately

Your residential hill lift is specifically designed for carrying people and personal cargo up and down hills. They are not designed to haul building materials or rock. You can take your cooler or groceries in the lift, but shouldn’t use it to tow something up the hill. The system is engineered for the exclusive use of carrying people and personal items. Overloading the system will cause wear that will shorten the lifespan of some components. With proper use and regular inspections and maintenance, the system will last a lifetime.

Your hill lift is a great asset to help you access your property. With a little care, you can operate yours for decades safely, enjoying the smooth, quiet ride from your home to the lake or the parking area to your home. Take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe and they will only remember the ease of operation and fun times at the lake. Don’t spend another summer looking at your hill and hating your stairs. Contact Marine Innovations today to see how our industry-leading hill lift can make your life easy. Click the Learn More button below or call us at 888-334-4666. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!