Hillside lake homes are a spectacular way to enjoy the outdoors in a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re looking at a lake home you’ve found that lots that are near the water elevation have homes on them and those low-level homes command a hefty price. Those lots or homes with a significant elevation change from the water are more economical and available.

Use that hill to your advantage! A hillside home provides breathtaking views and fresh air. Being on the water provides lots of activities such as fishing, boating and swimming. Additionally, a hillside home bestows sunrise or sunset views over the lake every day.

  1. The home can have a walkout basement
    Often lake lots are limited on space and your home design may be constrained by lot width. One benefit of a walk-out basement home is you have another level with outside access and great lake views, this space is insulated by the earth for easier heating and cooling. Your mechanical systems can be “hidden” in a corner room and open up space in the main living space for more useable purposes. A walkout basement gives more natural light to the rooms on the lower level. You could even build it out into s separate apartment or guest suite. Also, since it is in the footprint of your home, you aren’t limited by consuming additional impervious surface or using space that would be incorporated into septic systems.
  1. More economical initial investment, lower taxes
    Depending on your building plans, a walkout basement could be a money-saving proposal. If your lot is space constrained, a walkout basement could give you the square footage you need without having to build up additional levels or stretching your building out too much. Real-estate taxes on a hillside home can be lower than a similar home on a lower, level lot since taxes are often based on the sale price.
  1. Never worry about high water
    If you have a basement on a standard lake lot, you might be close to the water table. This can cause structural issues with your basement, excess humidity and other issues. If your lake home is built on grade, you could have settling issues or other things that could cause problems in rainy conditions. If you lake home is too close to lake elevation, you could have flooding concerns should the lake level rise.
  1. A hillside home will give you better views
    A hillside home moves you up, further off the water, so you can see greater distances and not have obstructions like docks, boat lifts and beach toys. You can look over these distractions and see the water. You can catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, watch your kids or grandkids play in the water or see wildlife hunting, swimming or nurturing their young.

Correctly designed, a hillside lake home can take be a hidden gem, your own little retreat on the lake. You get quality space in a compact, economical package. You get better views and don’t have to worry about drainage issues. A bonus feature, depending on your lot layout and home design, you could have a driveway on grade with the road and a walkout that is close to the lake level.

Once you find that perfect hillside home on the water, a Marine Innovations inclined elevator, also known as a hillside lift, hill tram or lake tram, makes moving from the top of your property to the bottom effortless. You can bring supplies from a parking space down to your main living level, daily drinks and snacks from your home to the dock for a relaxing day on the water. Coolers and tackleboxes are easy. Young kids are safely contained in the carriage and won’t fall down stairs. You don’t have to worry about climbing steps or walking a winding path up and down. It’s as effortless as riding in a car or pontoon.