They say, “home is where the heart is.” Most people think about growing old in their home.  If your home is on a hill, adding a hillside tram can help insure you can stay in your home for the long term.

Your hillside home gives you spectacular views. They might be of your lake, the ocean, a spectacular valley or the big city. You have beautiful landscaping with flowers and bushes.  You might have winding paths through lush gardens.  You’ve spent untold hours making your home and lawn into the paradise of your dreams and enjoy showing it off to your friends. 

Enjoy your views!

The hill that give you the views and forms the setting for your landscaping probably has stairs for access to your waterfront or maybe a parking area.  Although it’s presently not a problem for you, the stairs can become a challenge for you or your friends and family. For most of us, a few stairs are not a problem, however they can be a challenge for small children, elderly, people with injuries or disabilities and for anyone hauling gear and supplies.

Hillside Tram to PoolYou’re young and healthy now, but no one likes toting coolers and tackle boxes down to the dock or groceries up to the house.  An inclined lift can pay dividends today. Then, as grandchildren come around, you can rest easy knowing they can safely ride down your tram instead of running down flights of stairs to the lake.  Something as small as a sprained ankle can make the stairs unnavigable; don’t miss out on a day of fun or a relaxing pontoon ride on the lake. And, as you age, you don’t want to lose your connection to lake friends because a bum knee makes the steps too challenging.

Take control now!

Contact us for a free estimate and see how easy a hillside tram can make your life. Sturdy construction with durable components provides a life-long system, providing smooth, quite operation. Engineered installation standards with our proprietary pin pile anchoring system insure a strong foundation. Options can help make a tram fit your needs. Does your property have varying angles? A self-leveling option can conquer any terrain. Canopies protect you from sun and rain. Lights help with those evening rides.

This article started with a common phrase, here is another, “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.” Don’t wait for a life-changing event to steal away weeks, months ore years of enjoyment of your home. Take advantage of every minute and increase your enjoyment today.  A tram is an investment that will improve your home value and will let you enjoy your home more starting now.

Contact Marine Innovations today to see just how easy your life can be with a hillside tram.