When people think of a hillside home, visions of breathtaking landscapes come to mind.  What doesn’t always come to mind are the challenges of living on a hill.  A hill elevator can be an indispensable assistant allowing you to enjoy your hillside home.

Whether you need assistance moving from your garage or parking area to your home or from your home to a recreation area, a hill elevator makes quick work of any hill. Although most Marine Innovations hill elevators, also known as inclined elevators or hill trams, are built to help access a lake or river, many never see a waterfront.


Marine Innovations builds and installs many systems to transport people and supplies from a garage or parking area up to the home. Think of how much easier it is when groceries need to go from the car to the kitchen and the elevator carries them up the hill. The same goes for softener salt, beverages or just about anything else you need to carry home. Imagine a set of forty steps to get down to your pool and deck. An elevator would simplify the ride, contain the grandchildren and let you enjoy the view of the valley that inspired you to purchase your home.


A Marine Innovations hill elevator is an investment that pays dividends for decades. It is a lifetime of effortless transportation that doesn’t cost much more than a set of professionally built stairs that need constant upkeep and eventual replacement. With thirty years of experience and systems that have been in continuous operation for three decades, Marine Innovations is recognized as the expert in the access elevator arena.

Environmentally friendly

Stairs can be the source of erosion because they require disturbing the soil for anchor posts. Additionally, they block the sun and prevent soil-holding plants from growing.  A Marine Innovations access elevator uses our proprietary, engineered pin pile system for a strong, sturdy base of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel tubing. The soil isn’t disturbed and vegetation can keep growing. In addition, the rails will blend in with the surroundings.


The 11 gauge, 2” x 3” tubular steel track rails produce flex-free movement down the hill. Their galvanized coating delivers a lifetime of corrosion protection. Powder-coated tubular aluminum trolley and carriage provides a strong, lightweight assembly in attractive colors with long-lasting corrosion resistance. The three-phase electric motor produces a quiet, but robust ride with smooth starts and stops. Check out our production video to see how they are built.


Safety is a cornerstone of a Marine Innovations hill elevator. Designed to meet or exceed ASME elevator code, each system is loaded with safety features.  From the drive cable that exceeds the load limit safety factor to the overspeed governor with brake and system shutdown to prevent a runaway carriage, your safety is our primary goal.


CT Home Access ElevatorAdding the convenience of a Marine Innovations hill elevator is easy. Send an email to info@marineinnovations.com or call us at 888-334-4666. We will review your needs (pictures and your installation address are very helpful) and provide a budgetary estimate. We can help with drawings for any required permits. Marine Innovations, or one of our dealers, will install your system and show you just how easy it is to run. Deb and Craig of Lake Travis, Texas said: “When we bought our lot, the cliff prevented us from accessing the water. The Marine Innovations tram is the key to enjoying our land and the lake. It’s safer than stairs and delivers a smooth, gliding ride from our main house to the guest house and the dock. For ease of access, it is the ultimate easy button.


We offer multiple colors, carriage design choices and numerous options: canopies, trolley covers, landing gates, docking stations, windscreens, self-leveling systems and more to customize your systems to your surroundings and tastes.

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