We recently had a display at a major boat show. One thing I often heard was “I’ll get a hillside tram when I’m old.” I understand our society promotes being young and “old” people are perceived as needing wheelchairs and hearing aids. But why sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a hillside tram because of age?

Our society wants us to act young as long as possible and being active does help us stay healthy and live longer. However, there are some advancements we should take advantage of when we can. Like automotive power windows, our plethora of convenient cooking appliances, or some of the modern marine accessories, a hillside tram may not be needed in many circumstances, but it really is convenient.

Think of getting all ready for a day on the pontoon and needing to take a heavy cooler down 50 steps. Or, at the end of the day hiking all that stuff back up those steps and carrying your sleeping four-year-old. A hillside tram saves the day. Maybe your children are 4 and 7. They run around like crazy. A trip and tumble on the grass is one thing, but a slide down the steps to the lake can end a day of fun. Keeping them contained in the safe and entertaining hillside tram makes sense.

Hillside trams are not just for lake access either. We have systems helping people access their home from a parking area, their pool or recreation area from their home and walking golfers navigate a steep descent and avoid a long walk. There are many applications where a hillside tram makes sense.

Sometimes a hillside tram is the only method of getting to the water, but often it is a matter of convenience. Take advantage of every opportunity you can today and in the future to make your time at home and on the water safer, smoother and more relaxing with a hillside tram.

Don’t spend another summer looking at your hill and hating your stairs. Contact Marine Innovations today to see how our industry-leading inclined elevator can give you the freedom of movement to stay in and enjoy every part of your home. Accessible dock transportation will allow you to enjoy your view and your lake, too.