“How safe is a Marine Innovations Hillside Trolley?” you ask.  The simple answer is: the safest in the industry. The long answer could go on for days.  We’ll break down the larger points.

Marine Innovations hillside trolley systems are built to ASME A17.1-2010, section 5.1 or 5.4 elevator code. These codes are written to keep people safe. They regulate how systems work and precautions that need to be included to insure safety. Some states have additional safety requirements.  Look at other manufacturers. Do they build to code?  Some do, many do not.  We make sure to keep up on all code requirements to insure our systems meet or exceed all applicable requirements.

Marine Innovations bi-fold landing gatesOur residential hillside trolley systems have two primary gate options: hinged door or sliding gate. Both designed with safety latches and lock-out switches so that the system won’t operate with the gates open. This prevents someone from getting caught in the door or falling off of the carriage.

Although we don’t build decks and landings for our systems, we offer optional landing gates for your hillside trolley system. These gates are not required in all locations, but they prevent people from falling in front of the carriage. Since they are integrated into the system, they work flawlessly with the safety system.

Marine Innovations governor and brakeMarine Innovations hillside trolley systems are designed to travel 70 feet per minute. All of our systems employ an overspeed governor to prevent the carriage from traveling at unsafe speeds. If the carriage exceeds the predetermined safe speed, a brake will apply pressure to a cable or track rails and stop the carriage.

Our hillside trolley systems are cable driven. To insure passenger safety, the slack cable safety system will stop trolley movement if a cable develops slack. This prevents additional slack build-up and sudden trolley acceleration.

Marine Innovations carriage control stationWe locate emergency stop switches at all landing stations and in the carriage. This allows you to immediately stop the system from any location. The system can be easily restarted after any issues are corrected.

Each Marine Innovations hillside trolley system has been thoroughly engineered. Every component is purpose designed. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to build most components in-house to insure they meet our high standards.

Compare us to the competition. We build the absolute best hillside trolley system available and it shows.  We can provide you with a list of customers as references.  Many will invite you to visit and ride in their trolley so you can see the quality and safety built into each system. If you are in central Minnesota, stop at our factory to see the extra effort put into each system.

Through better design, detailed engineering and precision manufacturing, a Marine Innovations hillside trolley is the safest, best built trolley available.

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