Are you thinking about building your dream home? Building a custom home will have you meeting lots of people and making more decisions than you may have thought possible, but the outcome is worth it. You end up with a home that matches your needs, life and passions. The process may seem daunting, but the result is priceless.

Adding an incline tram into the plan is an exceptional strategy. It becomes part of the home, not an afterthought. The carriage stops can be integrated into your decks. The power can be installed efficiently. The landscaping can be intertwined with the tram system for a cohesive, calculated appearance.

An incline tram is an asset. Being the holiday season, it’s like giving yourself a gift. Think of waking up on a summer morning and heading to the dock to enjoy your morning coffee.  With a tram, your ride is silky smooth, quiet and enjoyable. You’re not walking stairs, spilling and watching to make sure you don’t trip. Kids and grandchildren can ride with and nothing needs to be carried down or up. Need to take a cooler to the pontoon? The tram makes it easy. Do guests have mobility challenges? They will be comfortable and relaxed.

Your tram is unobtrusive. A Marine Innovations inclined tram can be color-matched to your home or the environment. When you’re not using it, you’ll hardly see it. The track can be contoured to match the hill. The electric drive motor is smooth and quiet. Your neighbors will think you’re floating down to the water. When it’s part of the original plan, the location can be thoughtfully integrated into the overall home design.

Custom Home with Incline TramTaylor-made design means your incline tram is built to fit your needs. Add a canopy and windscreens. Upgrade to a designer series carriage. Have 2 stops or six. Add landing gates. Incorporate keypad or key fob security so only those you choose can operate the tram.  These are only a few of the many options available.

A Marine Innovations incline tram is safe.  Meeting or exceeding ASME A17.1, section 5.1 or 5.4 national elevator code, we build the strongest, safest tram available. Our proprietary, engineered pin pile system provides a rock-solid foundation for your tram. Check out our production video and see how they are built. This gives you comfort, knowing your friends and family are protected every time they ride. 

An incline tram can be a necessity. Some properties require a tram to access the water or another part of the property. That necessity can be a sheer cliff to descend to the waterfront or traversing the hill from your garage to home. A tram is beneficial for the able-bodied and physically challenged.

Maybe your next home is a completely new vision, a blank drawing board to plan every piece of your home. Maybe your current home is your dream home.  We can still build you a custom inclined elevator that blends into your architecture, melts into the landscape and provides the transportation you need. Either way, Marine Innovations will build you the world’s best incline tram and improve your access to all of your property.

Contact us today to learn how an incline tram can become an integral part of your dream home.