Project Location: Jonestown, Texas

System Length: 130 Feet

Incline Angles: 43 Degrees & 30 Degrees

System: 7.5 H.P. Traction Drive and 10 H.P. Traction Drive

Dealer: Austin Dock and Tram

NorthShore Marina Tram Upper Landing

Special Features: NorthShore Marina at the Hollows incorporates two lake trams to accommodate their clients’ needs. The original tram is a larger 3,500 pound system allowing people to haul bigger items, it’s even used to keep the ship store stocked with merchandise.  The second lake tram is referred to as the express tram. It is smaller with a 1200 pound capacity, but runs faster than the original tram. With two trams, NorthShore is able to accommodate the needs of large crowds flocking to the lake to escape the Texas heat.

Challenges Overcome: NorthShore Marina has 368 slips, some up to 80 feet in length.  They need to be able to handle large crowds with lots of gear quickly and safely.  The lake level varies throughout the year and the lake tram systems follow the floating dock to provide continual access. The dual Marine Innovations commercial trams provide access to everyone and all their gear, day in and day out.

Owner’s Perspective: Northshore Marina clients love our Marine Innovations trams.  They use the larger tram to haul gear to their boats and the express tram for quick up and down trips from the parking area to the dock. Our employees use them to keep the ship’s store stocked. They run constantly during our busy periods and their uptime is spectacular.  They are essential for our older boating community to access and enjoy Lake Travis.

Charlotte Jacunski, Operations Manager, Northshore Marina