Here’s a great New Year’s resolution: Have fun with a new hill climber!

You love your home and the lake. Connect them with a Marine Innovations hill climber and increase your enjoyment. You won’t have to worry about climbing steps or carrying supplies to the dock. Your hill climber takes the work out of getting to the water.

You may have heard them called funiculars, inclined elevators or trams. They harness a little electricity to take the work out of climbing a hill or steps from the lake to your home. Some people use them to carry groceries from the car to their home. However you use yours, it’s going to increase your enjoyment of your home.

A hill climber is fun for you, but to us, they’re serious business. We’ve been building hill climbers for almost 30 years. We have hundreds of happy owners. That means that we know what we’re doing and will build you the absolute best hill climber available. Also, we take safety seriously. We build systems to national elevator code and have a spotless safety record. Your hill climber has multiple safety systems to ensure you and your family are secure every time you take a ride. A Marine Innovations’ governor and brake system ensure a safe stop if a problem is observed. Interlocks prevent gates from opening without the carriage present. Emergency stop buttons are located on each landing station and in the carriage.
Your tram is unobtrusive. A Marine Innovations inclined tram can be color-matched to your home or the environment. When you’re not using it, you’ll hardly see it. The track can be contoured to match the hill. The electric drive motor is smooth and quiet. Your neighbors will think you’re floating down to the water. When it’s part of the original plan, the location can be thoughtfully integrated into the overall home design.

A Marine Innovations hill climber is loaded with standard features that make the system strong sturdy and comfortable. Powdercoated aluminum carriage and trolley; galvanized track and supports; and yellow zinc plated parts assure a good-looking, long-lasting tram system. Proprietary, engineered pin piles are installed for a stable foundation. A variable frequency drive (VFD) controlled drive system produces efficient operation and smooth system starts and stops. The spacious 46-inch by 59-inch carriage provides an 860-pound capacity, a flip-up bench seat and ergonomic controls.

You can choose from either our traditional or designer carriage. The traditional carriage features vertical spindles and full aluminum structure. The designer carriage has curved aluminum corner extrusions with perforated aluminum, solid aluminum or polycarbonate side panels. Carriages have the option of Sunbrella fabric, aluminum or polycarbonate canopies. Check out our production video to see how they are built.

A wide variety of options let you customize your hill climber to match your desires. Color options let you match your system to the environment or your home. You can add lights, canopy, and windscreens. Many other options are available to let you personalize your hill climber. Multiple door configurations are available to match your installation needs. Landing gates are available if needed for your installation.

Your hill climber spoils you with convenience. No more climbing the stairs after a full day on the water. No more toting coolers and snacks down to the pontoon. Maybe your hill climber will help you carry groceries from your garage to your home. From day one, your hill climber will make your days smoother and your property more comfortable.

The new year is here! even if you’ve already made your resolution, add another: Have more fun at home with a Marine Innovations hill climber!  Contact us today to learn more.