In the Midwest, we are either blessed, or cursed, with ample flat, developable land. It is a blessing in letting us build homes with easy access for automobiles and pedestrians. Slight grades and a few steps are probably your only obstacles. The curse would be our limited views. Although often beautiful, views are limited by flatter terrain. Ifyour home sits on a hill, a residential tram is an exceptional feature to help keep the incline a blessing.

Many parts of the United States and the world have great elevation changes even on a single home lot. Although this can provide panoramic views of mountains, valleys, oceans and more, it can lead to great challenges as a homeowner.

Stair Problems

We hear from many people each year that love their home, but don’t love the stairs from their garage or parking space to their home. The steps that didn’t seem to cause concern when they bought their home are more than they want to climb.

Maybe you have gotten to the age where your knees or back don’t like the climb. You might have a relative that uses a walker or wheelchair and can’t navigate steps. The demand of carrying supplies up the hill might be more than you want. A residential tram is an exceptional addition to your property that makes the incline easy.

A Simple Solution

Residential TramA residential tram, also known as an inclined elevator, hillside tram or hillside elevator is a practical solution to climbing stairs. Marine Innovations is the industry leader. Their quiet electric drive system delivers a smooth ride. The galvanized steel railings mounted to their proprietary engineered pin pile anchoring system provides a rock-solid foundation. The powder-coated aluminum carriage and trolley are attractive, durable, lightweight and able to coordinate with your home. Options like canopies, windscreens, lights and much more let you customize your tram to your exact needs.

Although most residential trams are used to access a waterfront recreation area, Marine Innovations has installed many for garage or parking access. We are accustomed to the unique challenges of matching the elevation of the garage and home in an attractive package. Do you need to move from parking to home to Scooter on inclined elevatorlake? Our systems can be customized for two to six stops.

Do you need wheelchair access? We can build a system to accommodate a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Does your property have a tight layout or unique layout? We have built trams for sheer cliffs and others that curve around obstacles. We can overcome your property issues.

Your Next Step

A residential tram may see like a luxury, but for people with mobility needs or extreme elevation changes, they can quickly become a necessity. Don’t wait another day, contact us to see how we can help you enjoy your home without the worry of stairs.