Your home is beautiful, the view is amazing. You’ve decided to invest in an incline lift to simplify your walk from your home to your dock. Now you want to know how to prepare for the installation. Luckily for you, the preparation is usually pretty easy. There are lots of variables depending on your location and local regulations, but assistance is available.

1. Determine the best installation location

Your Marine Innovations dealer or representative can assist with this task. Often your lot, home placement and dock location provide direction for the incline lift location. Sometimes you have the flexibility and adjusting the installation location can greatly increase your satisfaction and useability.

2. Get a complete estimate and site evaluation

This works hand in hand with picking a location. Once you review the budgetary estimate provided by Marine Innovations or one of our dealers, a site visit is scheduled. During this visit, we will help you determine the best location for an incline lift and take measurements to provide a firm estimate. This is also a great time to start discussions with your contractor for landings.

3. Apply for a permit

Permitting is location-specific. Consulting with a general contractor or your local zoning office for direction. They will be able to help walk you through the process. This will determine if any additional incline lift drawings are needed in the permitting process. This is an important part of the process that can directly impact the installation timeline.

4. Sign a purchase contract

Signing a purchase agreement is your commitment to purchasing the lift. This is when you will get a firm installation date window. You also will choose the final design, color and options of the system.

5. Path clearing

The path where the incline lift will be installed must be cleared. All trees, brush, tall vegetation and obstructions must be removed. During the site visit, your Marine Innovations representative or dealer will run a string line for the system location. They will also discuss the size of the path to be cleared and point out any obstructions to be moved.

6. Excavation

Most installations don’t require excavation work. If your site needs excavation of the hill or for a pit, it must be completed before installation. Also, any pit construction must be completed prior to installation. The system drawings will show any required pit or excavation.

7. Have power brought to the installation location

You must have an electrician bring power to the control panel location. The exact requirements will be determined by the size of the system. This is required for installation so the lift can be wired and all drive and safety systems tested.

8. System installation

Marine Innovations or your dealer will communicate with you regarding an installation date window. This date is firm, but weather-dependent. All the preliminary work listed above must be completed. The installation crew will install your incline lift system, test it and train you on its safe operation.

9. Landing construction

Unless the incline lift is installed to your current landings or decks, your local contractor will need to build new or remodel current landings to provide safe entry and exit to the carriage. They will also install landing gates if they are part of your system.

10. Final inspection

Some states or municipalities require an elevator inspection prior to your use of your incline lift. This will be discussed with your Marine Innovations representative, dealer or general contractor. If this is required, it would be the final step in the installation process.

11. Enjoyment!

Everything is complete. Your chariot is ready to simplify your day. You can watch the beautiful sunset instead of concentrating on the stairs. Relax and enjoy your time on the water.

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