Project Location: Lakeway, Texas

System Length: 180 Feet

Incline Angle: 38 Degrees

System: Dual 5 H.P. Traction Drive Systems

Dealer: Austin Dock and Tram

Special Features: Rough Hollows Yacht Club and Marina incorporates two marina tram systems to accommodate their clients’ needs. The matching 1200 pound inclined elevator systems. With two trams, Rough Hollows provides their members with ample access to the marina, restaurant, pool, ship store and fitness facility.  The large capacity allows for multiple people to comfortably ride to the marina and easy transportation of gear and supplies to their boats.

Challenges Overcome: Rough Hollows Yacht Club and Marina provides 290 boat slips.  They need to be able to safely and effortlessly transport members and guests to and from the marina continually.  Many members rely on the trams for access to the marina and Lake Travis. The lake level varies throughout the year and the marina tram systems follows the floating dock to provide continual access. The dual Marine Innovations trams provide access to everyone and all their gear, day in and day out.

Owner’s Perspective: “Our Marine Innovations tram systems meets all of our expectations! With 290 boat slips, our marina stays busy. Our dual trams mean a decreased wait time for customers. They love the convenience of the lifts when hauling coolers and gear to their boats. Vendors use them to stock our ship store. The tram systems’ reliability is exceptional, keeping our customers happy.”

Alex Broat, Manager, Rough Hollow Yacht Club & Marina