Project Location: Austin, Texas

System Length: 370 Feet

Incline Angle: 44 Degrees

System: 5 H.P. Traction Drive

Dealer: Austin Dock and Tram

Special Features: The Villas on Travis is a gated condominium community on Lake Travis. Located in Austin, Texas, they have 115 luxury condominium units. One of the amenities is a boat dock for owners. A lakeside tram was installed to improve access to the dock. The tram runs from a location central to the condominium homes to a lower level trail and seating area and to the owner’s dock system. The tram system is enclosed and has a canopy to protect from the hot Texas sun. A self-leveling system allows the carriage to stay level as the track angle changes as it travels. The system is designed to follow the floating dock as the lake level rises and falls throughout the year.

Challenges Overcome: The Villas on Travis has great views of Lake Travis and a dock for owners to utilize.  The slope and woods impeded access to the water.  Hundreds of residents could potentially use the dock throughout the year.  The lakeside tram provides easy access to the dock, trail and seating area for all the residents, without the need to hike through the woods.  These amenities are a short, smooth ride away. Lake Travis is a reservoir and the water level varies considerably throughout the year.  The facility has a floating dock and this lakeside tram  automatically adjusts to the lake level along with the dock. This provides residents with easy, stair-free, dock access.