Project Location: Plymouth, MA

System Length: 220 Feet

Incline Angle: 36 Degrees

System Drive: 15 H.P. Traction Drive

Dealer: Marine Innovations

Special Features: The White Cliffs Country Club inclined elevator is a managed system.  Some special features include a 10 horsepower motor and gearbox to accommodate a desired 125 feet per minute speed, custom programmed PCL controls, Bode governor, carriage communications system and a custom commercial enclosed carriage.

Challenges Overcome: White Cliffs Country Club has a beautiful beach that was only accessible by stairs.  Because of this issue, many residents and guests didn’t utilize the beach.  The perfect location had to be found. Additionally, the design required Plymouth Conservation Commission approval, insuring that the system wouldn’t harm the delicate ecosystem. White Cliffs requested that the inclined elevator system speed be increased to 125 feet per minute to efficiently accommodate large groups. 

Owner’s Perspective: White Cliffs is a residential community and a private country club overlooking Cape Cod Bay. We have 358 residents, but only a small fraction were able to access our beautiful private beach due to the fact that our property sits on a 162 foot high cliff. Marine Innovations installed a vehicular system that has now allowed all of our resident members full access to our beautiful private beach.

Marine Innovations designed the perfect system for our needs and was always helpful, knowledgeable, and professional to work with throughout the planning and installation process.” 

David Mastroianni, General Manager, White Cliffs Country Club