We all have an image of our dream lake home. It might be in our head or drawn out in great detail. If you plan to take the next step and build your dream home, you need to be organized. We’ve laid out some steps to help keep you on track.

1. Set Your Budget

Look at your dreams and see what you can afford. You should have a clear picture of the costs of all aspects of the building process: design costs, permits, materials, contractors, landscaping and more. This prevents unexpected costs, delays and stress. Knowing the costs will allow construction to stay on schedule.

2. Choose the Right Property

This can be hard. Most of the gentle, level lots are developed. Look at properties with some elevation. These lots offer you unmatched views and gorgeous sunsets (or sunrises). The elevation can give separation from the noise and traffic on the lake. Your road access can be level and on-grade. They can also be more affordable than other properties. A hillside lift, also known as a lake tram or inclined elevator, can make the trip from the home to the lake quick, easy and smooth.

3. Find the Right Builder

The right contractor is key.  They can work with all the subcontractors, keep everything on schedule and deliver your dream home without stress or headaches. With the proper layout, they can incorporate your current desires and plan for future needs. If this is your forever home, they can make sure to accommodate for accessibility features that allow you to age gracefully at home. Planning for a hillside lift from the home to the lake is one step that makes lake life easier every day.

4. Accept the Challenges as They Come

Every project can have some bumps, unexpected decisions and new challenges. Understanding ahead of time that you will need to address some unforeseen concerns will lower your stress level and keep the project flowing smoothly. Just remember your end goal of a stunning dream home.

5. Landscape to Make Your Oasis

Once your home is complete, you’ll want to make the outside as beautiful and welcoming as the inside. Landscaping makes the home inviting, comforting and calming, expanding the inside to the deck or patio. Proper landscaping accentuates your focal points and minimizes obstructions and unpleasant features.

6. Relax and Enjoy

The hard work is done and the enjoyment begins.  Take some time, sit back and enjoy your new sanctuary. Enjoy the view. Ride your hillside lift to the lake. Take a leisurely boat cruise. Now that your dream home is complete, this is how you spend your days.  Here’s what Bruce Gillies of Lake Almanor, California had to say: “We wanted an easy way to access our dock. The painless purchase and installation of our Marine Innovations lift made it reality. Mike made the planning process easy. The installation crew was professional and efficient. The workmanship is excellent. Now our lake is only a short, smooth ride away.” Are you interested in how they are built? Check out our production video to see for yourself.

Learn More

Adding the convenience of a Marine Innovations hillside lift is easy.  Click the button below, send an email to info@marineinnovations.com or call us at 888-334-4666. We will review your needs (pictures and your installation address are very helpful) and provide a budgetary estimate. Before you know it, your dream house is your reality.