An inclined elevator is a welcome addition to many hillside homes, but often people have some misconceptions that prevent them from asking how this fabulous tool can benefit them. When you look at your home, you might see the hill that gives you a great view as an obstacle, but it can be easily overcome with an inclined elevator, often referred to as a residential funicular, hillside lift or hillavator.

1. My terrain is too difficult

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have yet to find a hill we couldn’t tackle. A simple, straight hill usually leads to a straight-forward inclined elevator installation. A hillside with multiple incline angles adds to the complexity of the installation.  Sometimes a system will require additional structure for the best installation.  Sometimes a self-leveling system is added to allow the frame rails to run close to the ground and keep the carriage level. Both of these alternatives will add to the system cost, but make it easy to access your waterfront.  During a site visit, your Marine Innovations representative will review your site and will discuss the best alternatives to make your system meet all of your needs. Let us worry about the hill, You can enjoy the ride.

2. They’re hard to operate

Nothing can be farther from the truth! You literally have to turn on the power and turn the call switch. If the carriage is at your location, you open the door, walk-in, close the door and turn the switch. Then you sit back and let the inclined elevator silently and smoothly take you up or down the hill. Since they are technically an elevator, these systems do require inspections and maintenance. This maintenance is limited and we can make your life easier, Marine Innovations or one of our qualified dealers can perform all the maintenance and service you need. An inclined elevator can make your life easy, taking away the work of climbing steps and hauling gear back and forth. Keep your life simple with an inclined elevator.

3. They’re only for lake homes

While the majority of inclined elevators are at lake homes or cabins, they are practical and convenient for many other homes. We have several built to assist homeowners from moving from their garage or parking area to their home. Others are used for taking people from their homes down to a recreation area or pool. We’ve installed systems in a suburban apartment building, a dam site and a golf course. We even have a 1000 foot long system in Hawaii to access underground pumps. So, you can see that there are lots of applications for an inclined elevator. As development expands, people are building on slopes and hills to enjoy the view or because that may be the only available land in their desired area. These properties with elevation change have stunning views and locations. With a little help from an inclined elevator, they are easy to live in, even when you have mobility issues. You can take a quick, smooth ride and avoid the stairs.


There are lots of reasons to invest in an inclined elevator. Look at your specific needs and make the decision based on your thoughts and desires. Do you want to stay in your home and enjoy all areas of your property? Do you want to have easy, convenient access? Do you want reassurance that you can stay in your home as you get older and maybe your mobility changes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like you should call us and ask about an inclined elevator for your home.  We make the process easy for you and make sure you have the absolute best system to fulfill your enjoyment of your home.

Contact us today at 888-334-4666 or click on the link below to learn more. Soon you will be enjoying your view without worrying about the stairs.