Your Marine Innovations residential hillside lift is a big investment and a sophisticated machine. Installation should not be left to chance. Marine Innovations utilizes only professional, factory-trained installation crews. We want your installation process to be smooth, letting you enjoy your incline tram as soon as possible.

As the production phase is near completion, we’ll call you to confirm your hillside lift delivery and installation dates. Prior to the delivery and installation, you should have any brush, debris or trees removed from the installation path. Also, if your installation requires footings, a local contractor should have the footings poured with enough time for them to properly cure. If any decks, stairs or landing need to be removed for the installation, this work should be done prior to the delivery/installation date.

Our crew will arrive at your home with the complete lift system. We will run a string line to represent the rail system location. For our description, we will assume this system is using our proprietary pin piles for the track rail supports. If your system used concrete footings, we would attach the rail cross members to each footing. We will set the top rail piles and attach the top track rails to these piles. The anchor piles are driven to full depth or refusal. From here additional rails are attached to the previous ones and pin piles driven, section by section, until we reach the bottom of the hill. Each rail section is leveled and tightened as we go. Depending on the height of your system, X bracing is added for structural rigidity. Once the last rail section is secured, the end piece is attached.

After the pin piles are all driven and rails secured, the trolley is set on the track and secured. The starter rail and power frame are bolted to the rails. The power frame support posts holes are dug, the poles attached to the power frame and set into the holes. Cement is placed into the holes.

The motor, gearbox and drive drum or traction drive are attached to the power frame. Control and safety switch wiring is run to the downhill stations. The drive cable is attached to the trolley. If this is a traction drive system, the cable is run through the drive system and attached to the trolley. The brake cable is run down track and attached.

Professional hillside lift installationThe carriage is set on the trolley frame. Leveled and attached. Now your hillside lift system is looking closer to the finished product.

The control system is installed and set-up. The system is run to set start and stop locations. Stop and safety switches and are mounted, wiring is completed. Safety systems are tested. The final test is with the system loaded.

The power unit cover will be installed. Landing gates (optional) are installed. Landing gate safety systems are wired and tested.

The installation manager will review your hillside lift operation procedures and maintenance requirements with you.

Your local contractor will complete any necessary decks and landings. Your system will be inspected as required by your state or local codes. Any new landscaping can be installed around the system.

You get to enjoy the smooth and relaxing ride in your new Marine Innovations residential hillside lift.

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