The hill climber is a great invention. They take the climb out of any hill. No more steps. Relaxation. You might look at one system or see a brochure and think, “I can build one of those!” Maybe you have the background and prowess to build a DIY hill climber, but we’re going to lay out the reasons you should rely on the experience of someone with over 30 years building only hill climbers, also known as inclined elevators, hill trams or hillside lifts. We’ve learned all of the lessons and you can benefit from our knowledge.

The first reason is HUGE! Safety. Probably the most important reason to have a professionally built hill climber is safety. Your cargo is much more important than a piece of luggage and more fragile than a bag of groceries. You want to make sure your cargo – family and friends – are safe. Marine Innovations systems follow national elevator code. Our systems are engineered to exceed safety standards. We build in multiple safety systems to ensure our carriages travel at the specified speed and all conditions are met. The overspeed governor prevents the carriage from traveling too fast. Carriages built to elevator code keep people and cargo inside. Landing gates prevent operation in hazardous, open-access, conditions at your landings. Slack cable safety systems prevent a runaway carriage condition. These are just some of the many ways a Marine Innovations system keeps you and your loved ones safe.

You might want to try the DIY route to save money. But you better check your budget. Quality construction should be a priority to insure safety and long-term reliability. You won’t save any money if you build to our standards. After buying the raw aluminum and steel, cutting and machining parts, building assembly jigs, welding, drilling, powder coating, galvanizing, zinc plating, assembly, buying wire, controls, switches, variable frequency drives, relays, etc., buying hydraulic drivers and power units, you can climb the hill to drive pin piles, assemble the parts, wire the system and test it out. Your time is valuable. You will have months into manufacturing. We’ve engineered a complete system where all the parts work in concert to deliver a smooth, reliable machine that is attractive and an asset to your home. You’ll be money ahead when you let us build and install your hill climber.

Reliability is key when you’re talking about any transportation device. Marine Innovations hill climbers are engineered to meet elevator code and your specifications. All the components are thoroughly reviewed and designs are tested. Motors and gearboxes are selected for compatibility and durability, variable frequency drives, relays and power sources are expertly sourced and professionally assembled. We use heavy gauge steel and aluminum, formed for strength. Structural components are zinc galvanized for life-long corrosion protection. Grade 8 hardware is used for the strongest connections. Aluminum structures are powder coated for a durable, attractive finish. Other components are either stainless steel or zinc plated for corrosion resistance and durability. You don’t want to undercut the reliability of your hill climber with substandard parts or finishes. Make sure you choose a system with a track record of over thirty years. Only then can you relax and enjoy the safety and reliability of your hill climber.

Your time is valuable. You want to enjoy your free time. Each hill climber system has thousands of components, many are precision-machined and built to tight tolerances. We’ve invested thousands of hours of engineering and testing to develop the safe, reliable systems sold today. Don’t spend months tracking down parts and raw materials, cutting and welding, painting, programming, wiring assembling and installing. Contact Marine Innovations. We can get you an estimate, build and install your system quickly and efficiently, while you enjoy your free time.

No matter who builds a hill climber, it’s a large investment for you to protect. When you buy a Marine Innovations system, it’s protected by our industry-leading warranty. All structural components are warranted for fifteen years, non-structural components like the gearbox, motor and brakes are protected for three years and cables, electronics and associated parts are protected for one year. You have peace of mind that your professionally engineered, built and installed system will last for decades and deliver a lifetime of enjoyment.

Marine Innovations has over thirty years of experience manufacturing and installing hill climbers. We have over one-thousand systems in the field. This experience has helped us refine the engineering, manufacturing and installation process. We’ve developed an installation process that makes our proprietary pin piles the strongest, most economical anchoring method. We drive our piles to an engineered resistance for a solid foundation unmatched by others for a lifetime system. Others don’t match our installation, whether differentiated by material or process. A DIY lift may work, but will it have the precision, durability or longevity of a professionally engineered and manufactured system?

We’ve mentioned our engineering, corrosion-resistant coatings and heavy gauge materials. We discuss our proprietary pin pile system that provides an unyielding anchoring method. We want to reiterate the fact that over thirty years we have weeded out the parts and processes that aren’t effective and useful and honed in on those that give you better value and reliability. You don’t want to continue to fight problems with a DIY system, you want reliability and ease of use you can only get with Marine Innovations. We also have the experience to develop jigs and manufacturing systems to speed the fabrications and assembly of each hill climber part and system. We’ve stayed current with elevator code to understand and implement precautions so your system is safe and reliable.

So if a hill climber is in your future, we encourage you to look into your needs and make the right choice – avoid the DIY project and take the easy path for a smooth, safe and durable lift system. Contact us for your best investment in a lifetime, a Marine Innovations hill climber.