We get calls from potential clients wondering if we can make a lift work for their unique home. The answer from us is almost always yes, we can make a lift work for them.

Custom Manufacturing
One simple reason we can make a lift work is that every system we build is custom designed for that exact installation. We don’t use an off-the-shelf kit that fits all. We will come to your home for a site visit, review potential locations and take measurements for the best location. This will be the basis for all drawings and manufacturing.

Too Steep of Incline

There really is no such thing. We have built systems that drop off a cliff. These systems are where detailed engineering and over 30 years of experience really pay off. Wild drops and changing terrain require a strong system, installed correctly, to be safe, dependable and long lasting.

Changing Terrain

Rarely is a slope the perfect angle. Some slope changes are best covered by a straight track and varying riser heights. But if your hill has dramatic changes in slope, we can accommodate with a self-leveling system that keep your carriage level and comfortable. Our experienced sales staff can look at your hill and determine the best system for your needs.


Limited Space

We have seen lots of scenarios. There are many instances of small lots, limiting set-backs and other restrictive factors. As long as we’re not blocked by permitting issues, we can build a system to suit your needs. We have tight-quarters home to parking area tram systems in California hillside communities, limiting set-backs and thick woodlands to navigate. Let us see how to get a funicular to suit your transportation needs.


“You won’t believe my situation”

We have heard this before and have overcome the unbelievable. We’ve designed curved tracks to preserve thick vegetation barriers, designed special supports to span long distances and always delivered a beautiful, functional hillside elevator for our clients.


Do you live where there are sensitive environmental issues? We worked with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to help preserve Michigan’s fragile sand dunes. With our proprietary pin pile system, a hillside tram is more environmentally friendly than a traditional stair system.

If you have the need for a lake tram or hillside lift, we can accommodate your needs. Do you think your requirements are a challenge?

Contact Marine Innovations today and start enjoying your view and your lake too.

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